McEwan Leadership

How we can help you with the challenges faced by leaders in the 21st Century? 

In today’s complex environment new leadership approaches are required.   

To thrive in complexity we need to collaborate more than ever, be open to new ways of thinking and working, be willing and able to embrace and manage polarities, work with agility and take more risks.  We believe that to balance all of this and succeed, high levels of self awareness are required. 

Self-awareness is understanding ourselves at a deep level.  Embracing those behaviours which have made us successful, while at the same time acknowledging that they may not serve us well in every situation.  Developing our understanding of what drives us, what we fear, and working on those areas gives us agency and allows us to recognise those moments when our preferred ways of thinking and working will lead to success, and equally, when they’ll block us. We can then develop new mind sets and behaviours which allow us to choose to act in the way that’s most likely to achieve our goals and to solve problems more effectively.  The beauty in this is that this process can also lead to better relationships and more fulfilment in our lives outside of the workplace. 

How we work with leaders 

We focus on helping leaders with their own development journey, working with them to uncover their full potential through a process of reflection and self awareness.   

We help leadership teams to find the most effective and fulfilling ways to work together.   

We support leaders in creating high performance leadership teams who flourish, sharing a common heartfelt purpose and defined ways of working with high levels of trust. 

When we begin our collaboration with you we strive to understand your organisational system, the history, the present and the challenges you face. Each team in each organisation is unique and therefore no one size fits all solution can successfully achieve the results you desire.  Through a process of listening, engaging and understanding the needs of the team, we can help define a path to success and then support you as a team to engage your wider organisation. 

Our leadership development journeys include:  

  • Transformational leadership development 
  • Development of high performing teams 
  • Leadership engagement with the wider organisation 
  • Developing “Tipped for top talent” cohorts 
  • Leading through change 

Leadership Coaching 

The content of our leader 1:1 and team coaching is entirely bespoke. 

It may include one or more of the following: 

  • Transformational coaching through reflection and developing self awareness 
  • Developing leadership insight 
  • Leader Impact 
  • Key note and inspiring presentation support 
  • Executive coaching 
  • Leading through change