Top tips

Tip 1

We “Go Blank” when we’ve lost focus. Then we panic and when we panic we hold our breath. In order to achieve clarity of thought and speech we need to supply oxygen to our brain. The next time you experience this just exhale and then breathe in. All of your information will come flooding back.

Tip 2

The more you try to stop saying “uhm” the more you’ll do it. We say uhm when what we really need to do is take a breath so that we can regroup our thoughts.

Next time you say uhm make yourself take a breath straight afterwards. You’ll find that you soon stop saying uhm as you’ve replaced it with the breath that you actually needed.

Tip 3

Try to look at everyone that you’re speaking to at some point. Work the room with your eyes and then everyone will feel as if you’ve been looking and speaking to them personally even if you can’t make one person out from another.

Tip 4

If you suffer from a dry mouth when you’re nervous try gently dropping your jaw. It kick starts your saliva glands – problem solved!

Tip 5

Rather than concentrate on being louder, try thinking of it as increasing your intention to get your message across. If you really intend those listening to understand your message then you’ll put more vocal energy into the delivery. One of the benefits of this is that it will make you louder.

Tip 6

If your hands shake when you present – hold something heavy

Tip 7

If you want to practice making your point with greater clarity, write down the question that the other person would be asking you in order for you to give them that piece of information.