McEwan Immersive 

McEwan Associates can help your organisation and your teams to thrive.  

Our complex new world requires new mind-sets and new skills. Our old trusted ways of working with each other and with clients often no longer work. Importantly for humans to reach their full potential they need to feel confident, connected to others, and to live their lives with more purpose. Feeling the desire to grow is essential if learning is to be transformative.New Skills may be easy enough to learn but in order to transform a mind-set shift is first required.  

We believe that in order for someone to change, you need first to address their feelings and thoughts. Once this is done you can effectively change their behaviours and subsequently go on to develop their knowledge and skills.  

When embarking on any type of development programme we therefore focus on Personal Impact – the practical application of behaviours and Professional Insight – the development of awareness and understanding of self and others.  

These themes run through the diverse range of our coaching and learning initiatives. 

Our style is high impact, interactive and people focussed. 

We are based in the UK offering our work in the UK and globally in English, and also have teams across Europe providing our programmes in various European Languages. 

Themes from some of our recent programmes

  • Sales team excellence
  • Effective Client presentations and beauty parades
  • We are all leaders
  • Networking and developing connection with others
  • Embracing organisational change
  • Prioritisation in a complex world
  • Living in a Vuca world
  • Effectively communicating with patients and families
  • Personal resilience
  • Thriving online


Our team of coaches provide one to one Personal Impact, Transformational, Executive, and Presentation Skills Coaching to people at all levels of our client organisations with some specialising in board level and senior management coaching (See McEwan Leadership).

In addition to our team of UK based coaches we provide our coaching services across Europe in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.