Who we are

We’re a team of behavioural and psychological change specialists who can help you develop your professional insight and personal impact. Our style is high impact, interactive and people focused. Our underlying philosophy is positive and optimistic about people’s ability to learn and change.

We believe that in order for someone to change, you need first to address their feelings and thoughts. Once this is done you can effectively change their behaviours and subsequently go on to develop their knowledge and skills.

We therefore focus on Personal Impact – the practical application of behaviours and Professional Insight – the development of awareness and understanding of self and others.

These themes run through the diverse range of our coaching and learning initiatives.

We are based in the UK offering our work in the UK and globally in English, and also have teams across Europe providing our programmes in various European Languages.

We use a wide range of interactive tools to provide subversive learning in a face to face environment. We also deliver live streamed sessions to clients where this is of benefit to our clients. Bespoke films can be created to enhance your learning experience and we also create online fully interactive film based programmes to meet our clients needs.